Nathan Luis Rosonke - May 28, 2014

Nathan Luis Rosonke,
18, of 2132 Gilmore Avenue, New Hampton, Iowa, pled guilty and received a deferred judgment to the charge of Accessory After the Fact, an Aggravated Misdemeanor, in the Iowa District Court for Buchanan County on Tuesday, May 13, 2014. Rosonke was ordered to pay a civil penalty of $625, victim restitution, court costs and court-appointed attorney fees. He was placed on probation supervision for a period of two to five years on the corrections continuum, which may include completion of a residential treatment facility if deemed appropriate by the First Judicial District Department of Correctional Services.

This charge stems from Rosonke’s involvement in a home invasion at 414 6th Ave NW in Independence on February 11, 2014. On that date, an occupant of the home awoke to hear voices and upon investigating discovered three suspects attempting to burglarize the residence. Madison Marie Clay hit the resident in the head with a hammer. Upon falling to the ground after being struck by the hammer, the resident was held down by a second suspect while Ethan Joseph Walztoni obtained a firearm to aid in their escape. Clay, the second suspect and Walztoni had asked Rosonke to drive them to the residence under the false pretense that Walztoni needed to collect money owed to him. Rosonke was waiting in his vehicle while the other three entered the residence. Rosonke only learned of their true intentions upon the three returning to his vehicle in an excited state and then explaining the events which occurred inside the residence. Having knowledge that the offense had been committed, Rosonke harbored, aided and/or assisted in concealing the others by transporting them away from the crime scene and to Chickasaw County, helping dispose of evidence along the way.