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Telephone Scam Warning (Buchanan County)

The Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office would like to share details with the public regarding a recent telephone scam taking place the area. 

On June 21, a Buchanan County resident received a phone call from a person identifying themselves as a Lieutenant with the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office.  This scammer told the person that they had active arrest warrants and because they had no other criminal history, the Lieutenant could get the bond reduced to $500.  The catch in this was that the person had to go to a local store, purchase a pre-paid card in the amount of $500 and give the PIN number to the scammer as the “bond” to be collected.

Unfortunately, there has been at least one resident that did comply with this and fall victim to the scammer.  The Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office has also taken reports from other residents that have also received this type of phone call, but did not comply with the demands.

THIS IS A SCAM.  The Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office does not engage in the practice of contacting individuals with warrants via telephone.  Also, bond money CANNOT be collected via telephone or via pre-paid cards.  If you receive a telephone call of this nature, hang up and call the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office at (319) 334-2568.