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Seed available at Fontana Nature Center for free – common and swamp remaining along with rough blazing star and stiff goldenrod.  Please see planting milkweed in Iowa sheet for information.

Plants can be ordered beginning March 1.  Please see Monarch gardening – plants available for determining which is best for your location.

Monarch Gardening - plants available
Planting Milkweed in IowaPlanting Milkweed in Iowa

Create a Garden – Designs, plants and seeds –

Garden plans and suggested plants



Native Plants and seed for purchase
- Be sure to ask for and select native plants grown WITHOUT the use of pesticides and local ecotypes wherever possible

Diversity Farms Inc  Address: 25494 320th St, Dedham, IA 51440

Phone: (712) 683-5555 email: diversityfarms@iowatelecom.net

http://ionxchange.com/  -Harper’s Ferry IA -  limited plants available 2017 as they are transitioning into retirement

Prairie Moon Nursery - https://www.prairiemoon.com/  - Winona MN

http://monarchwatch.org/waystations/seed_kit.html  -Use numerous nurseries but local ecotype seed

http://www.allendanseed.com/ - Winterset IA


http://bloomingprairieiowa.com/ - Carlisle IA

http://cedarrivergardencenter.com/ - Palo, IA – Nursery stock not grown on site – be sure to ask about Neonics

Register a Garden

http://www.blankparkzoo.com/conservation/plantgrowfly/register-your-garden/  FREE

http://monarchwatch.org/waystations/certify.html  $16

Million pollinator challenge site http://pollinator.org/mpgcmap/register_updated.php#form - FREE