Grants to Counties Water Well Program

The Grants to Counties (GTC) Program was established in 1987 when Iowa legislature passed the Iowa Groundwater Protection Act to help prevent further contamination of one of Iowa's most precious resources; our groundwater.

Grants are made available to the Buchanan County Environmental Health & Zoning Department by Iowa Department of Public Health to provide financial assistance to Buchanan County residents for private water well services.  Services are provided on a first come, first served basis until the grant funds for the fiscal year are depleted.  Check this web page for a status of the funds available or contact the Department office at (319) 334-2873

Grants provide financial assistance for the following services at the amount indicated:
Well Testing 100 % of actual cost
Well Plugging Actual cost up to $500
Cistern Plugging Actual cost up to $300
Well Rehabilitation       Actual cost up to $1,000