Junking Vehicle without Title

Summary of Legislation effective January 1, 2016:

*** NOTE: links may summarize legislation and may not be all inclusive of what is required by law.

HF 563
        Amends Chapter 321H as follows:

  • Requires a licensed vehicle recycler to register with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)
  • Requires every person who applies for a vehicle recycler license to provide proof of registration with NMVTIS
  • Requires every licensed vehicle recycler to report the acquisition of vehicles to NMVTIS, that are subject to federal reporting requirements, within two business days of the date of purchase
  • Provides criminal and administrative sanctions for failure of a licensed recycler to comply with NMVTIS reporting requirements
       Amends Chapter 321 as follows:

  • Allows an owner of a motor vehicle to dispose of a vehicle to a licensed vehicle recycler for scrap or junk without surrendering a certificate of title or a junking certificate if:
        (1)   The motor vehicle is 12 model years old or older      
        (2)   The motor vehicle is sold to the vehicle recycler for less than $1000.00

  • Exempts a person from the requirement to obtain a certificate of title or junking certificate for a vehicle as described above
Recommendations from the Recycler's Association:

Complete a Vehicle Purchase by Affidavit form.  There is not a DOT approved form.  You can create your own or use the Recycler's Association's Affidavit
  •    Fill in the Vehicle information on the Affidavit
  •    Verify using NMVTIS that the vehicle is not stolen or crushed and that there is no lien recorded in the system
  •    Fill in the Seller's Information
  •    Print the Form
  •    Attach a copy of the seller's Driver's License or ID to the Affidavit
  •    Report the vehicle in NMVTIS within 2 business days

Another good practice will be to check ARTS for lien, you can use the following process:
  • go to https://iowadot.gov/mvd/vehicleregistration
  • Click on "Fee Calculator" under "Registering a Vehicle"
  • An "ARTS" page will appear that says "Welcome Motor Vehicle Guest"  Hover over where it says "Tools" in the upper left hand corner, and
  • Click on Dealer Inquiry
  • Click on Vehicle Inquiry
  • Enter VIN
  • Click search:In the middle of the report shown there is a section that says “Security Interest Exists” then either “yes” or “no” telling you if there is a lien

To register with NMVTIS you can go to the below websites:
If you have further questions, please contact us at 319-334-4340 or contact the Office of Vehicle Services at 515-237-3050.